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Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter provides you the free conversion of FLV files to MP3s.



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Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter

The small and free program Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter offers you quick and easy conversion of FLV files in the popular MP3 music format. You can find embedded FLV files most of the time in Web pages if music or video content presented in a Flash. The operation of Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter is very simple in detail. First save the FLV file on your computer. Then in the Freez, select the files with the button "Add FLV Files" FLV to Mp3 Converter to be converted. Then you can the desired bitrate, frequency and the audio channels with Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter. With the bitrate, you can create a higher quality so. While it is but also on the source material. The higher, you select the bitrate in Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter, the more space then requires the file on your PC. The frequency is a normal music file usually at 44,100 Hertz and is thus well tolerated for your ears. With the audio channels, you can choose finally the distinction between Mono and stereo sound.

In the last step you click in Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter on the button "Start Converting" and the MP3 file will be created. In a dialog box you can select before, in which folder to save the file. So you can always find your music again. If the file has the same name, as the source material you can determine also whether Freez FLV to automatically rename to Mp3 Converter the file, or if the output file is overwritten. Alternatively, you can set also a name for the new MP3 file and the source material remains. If the conversion is successfully completed, you can delete this file but also easily.

The Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter you can download here for free with us. You can by clicking on the download button to start downloading.

The main features of Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter:

• Convert FLV files.
• Choose bitrate, frequency and channels.
• Choose the storage folder.
• Rename your Mp3s or let you rename.
• Delete FLV files after conversion.
• Start the conversion with a single click.

The history of Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter:

The free program Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter has been programmed by the developers of small VideoSoft. The software has no specific version number and is therefore from the beginning already up to date. The idea behind the Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter was an easy way to give private users to convert FLV files for the more common MP3 format.

Description of the version: Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter

The current version of Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter can with some useful and very beneficial and functional innovations waiting for the processing of music files. With this software, you have the possibility to download the audio track of a video from well-known Internet platforms and a corresponding audio editing to convert the files in the Mp3 format. The desired frequency and bitrate are individually adjustable.

The new features of the latest version of Freez FLV to Mp3 Converter.

• Improved user friendliness
• Higher Bedienkompfort
• Lossless conversion to Mp3 format
• Faster download of the source files
• Frequency and bitrate can be predefined in settings

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