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With FreePDF 4.02, you gain an additional program to Ghostscript to the ER trains of its own PDF files.



  • License: Freeware
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  • Updated: 19.09.2013


Create your own PDF files from any application.

FreePDF 4.02 is a free add-on to the open-source tool Ghostscript. Using this tool, you can convert any PostScript file in a perfect PDF file. With this combination, you create print-ready files. FreePDF 4.02 to represent well even fine gradients and transparency. Also, this additional program from Ghostscript has an extensive selection of fonts, you may know of open type and open type 1.

With FreePDF 4.02 you can run before and after the PDF creation scripts. In addition FreePDF 4.02 a flexible printer driver has, so also the brochure printing for you is possible without any problems. Also you can send just immediately transfer and electronic PDF file with this program in the mail client. In order to be able to use FreePDF 4.02, you must have installed the Ghostscript program on your computer.

It is pleasant that you can create with FreePDF 4.02 PDF files from other applications, as well as on the printer. This of course, is the big advantage of PDF files that she always in exact same quality are represented. FreePDF 4.02 is although not complicated, but not too comfortable. To change settings within this options, you will need administrator rights. The encryption of your files that you have created with FreePDF 4.02, caused no problems and is available in 40-bit and 128-bit. The output quality of the documents is very good. Each document that is printed, you can thus – open or encrypted - transform with FreePDF 4.02 in a PDF document.

Peculiarities of FreePDF 4.02

• Additional program from Ghostscript (must be installed)
• Transparency and fine gradients well represented
• Flexible printer driver
• Encryption possible
• Direct export in the mail client
• Good range of fonts

System requirements, advantages and disadvantages

FreePDF 4.02 runs under the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. 1.6 Megabytes, the download size is acceptable and consumes too much of your disk space. A disadvantage is that you must have installed the PostScript interpreter Ghostscript anyway, to be able to work with FreePDF 4.02. In addition, the possibility to choose the path for the installation routine is missing. But then you've a tool with which you can free convert graphics as well as text files in encrypted PDF files and print out.

Description of the version: FreePDF

Many bugs have been fixed so that the version is now faster, more secure and more stable.

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