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FreeOrion you fight against foreign Nations or build up trade relations with them.



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FreeOrion is a space game for the Windows computer where you can conquer an entire Galaxy. You need to explore unique, strange worlds and prove yourself against other Nations in the fight to protect your own.

FreeOrion you can conquer whole galaxies. Begin the journey of a small planet and with each battle you win to a planet, until an entire Galaxy is formed. The space game is based on the strategy game "Master of Orion" and alludes to his success. Explore with your space ship alien peoples and trade with them. Sometimes you must do but war against them, to protect your own people or to bring forward.

For the free game of FreeOrion, you need Windows XP and NET Framework 2.0, as well as an OpenGL capable graphics card. After downloading the game installs itself by itself. You will also find an online wiki for the game entry on the manufacturer's website. The control is more for professionals, but after a period of training you are fine with it.

Lead trade with foreign peoples of FreeOrion and pushes the research and production, so there goes your people well and the wealth increases. With your spaceship, you fly through space and explore the Galaxy. The conquest of the planet is not in the foreground, but every now and then you have to compete against the peoples and declare war on them. The graphic features with many details and clearly designed the menu, so that the player can quickly find your way. The planets are realistic and the Sun dominates the picture. When looking out of the window of your spaceship, you can explore unknown planets and explore the far reaches of outer space. Thousands of stars accompany you on your journey through the Galaxy.

Description of the version: FreeOrion

FreeOrion you play a space hero who must protect its own people from dangers. He discovered cultures and unusual planet. Them you should trade with, and if it is necessary, you need to prove yourself in the fight against them. You can advance your people if you extend the research and production. You start on a small planet and expand your knitting circle on the entire Galaxy. The game, you can download and install on your computer.

You can find this in the space game FreeOrion

• Foreign people and unknown worlds
• Conquest of planet
• Build of an own galaxy
• Through research and production
• Trade with other countries
• Wealth and fame

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