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The FreeMind program does much for creating mind maps as a basis for presentations.



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FreeMind brings your ideas on paper.

Mind maps are a convenient way of representation for all types of presentations. Whether student, teacher, student or lecturer, a clearly structured MINDMAP using FreeMind helps to convince the audience.

Mind mapping is a common technique for presentations of all kinds. To connect, digitized is great temporal and graphical advantage. The shareware FreeMind free helps you. Whether do you organize a brainstorming, capture the results of an event, others submit your own thoughts, a MINDMAP is a help to translate your creative thoughts in a certain order. Who can deal with the open source tool FreeMind, is able, quick and easy to create such a MINDMAP. You create the new mind map directly on the surface of the FreeMind program. The program structured thoughts according to established criteria and ranks them colour coded, similar to a family tree.

However you should deepen you first in the supplied manual, so that you win decent results. The mindmap can be with hyperlinks, graphics and symbols illustrate and can XHTML or PDF as HTML, are stored and made available to others: a good help for working and project groups. An export function also in text format is also useful for preparing learning materials and/or to a clearly structured text structure for a presentation. When working with the FreeMind program you will learn quickly and intuitively, how you can build around the map, for example, can move the "Branches" or"branches". Because the tool in Java is drafted, it is suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux, you must attach so not same operating system, to Exchange results.

Description of the version: FreeMind

This version of FreeMind is a good companion for those who love to organize their thoughts. You can structure them according to established criteria, coloured underlay and represent it as a kind of family tree. While the mind maps are produced on the surface of FreeMind, in various formats, also text formats, exportable and to publish as interactive mind map on the Internet. The beta version of 0-9 series enables you to create mind maps in PDF format.

Facts about FreeMind in the version 0.9.0 final

• Assuming the Java runtime environment
• SVG graphics can
• Suitable for: Win 98 win 2000 win me win XP Windows Vista Windows 7
• Language: German and English

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