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With the freeware FreeFileSync, you can easily compare files and synchronize.



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FreeFileSync is a useful program, which you can use to compare directories and match. The freeware offers you also a synchronisation automatic and informative statistics.

The open-source tool FreeFileSync is a program with which you can easily compare directories with each other and synchonisieren. FreeFileSync is the author of the German programme. The free program is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

No matter whether it revolves around a backup partition, an external hard drive or a USB flash drive - with the free tool FreeFileSync you can keep data on different disks synchronous. For this you select just the two directories that you want to match. Now click on 'Compare', and the open-source tool analyzes the two directories. It reliably detects different files and file versions. By clicking the compare options, you can determine whether the program, to search for the file size after the date or the contents of a file. Here you can see in the middle column, which files in other directories must be copied, so that they are exactly on the same level.

Easier still is with the automatic synchronization. With the command 'Synchronize', you can mirror data, update, and synchronize automatically or on both sides. Also it's possible to set its own procedures. In addition, the program presents you informative statistics - as the number of files that will be overwritten, deleted, or created. It displays the total of the files to be copied. Also, you can save search configurations for other missions and manage the filtering options.

Description of the version: FreeFileSync

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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