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Stylish, you can spend wonderful evenings with FreeDoko. Individually, with friends or in the tournament.



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With FreeDoko, with original Altenburger spielkarten, you can play the typical table card game against you yourself or with friends. You can change the rules of the game before each game and reconfigure your adversaries. For newcomers, because the rules of the game not so easy to understand, is a quick reference of the manufacturer.

FreeDoko, a game takes you into the world of games. Borg Enders, Diether Knof and Florian Sundermann have designed this free game and written for the Windows and Linux platforms. With the Altenburger licensed cards, the game is twice as much fun. On the website of FreeDoko you summed up the rules of the game in a quick reference. The detailed rules of Doppelkopf, supported by FreeDoko, as well as a quick reference guide of the German Association of double head - DDV - are available in PDF. You will find there also the tournament rules of the DDV and can read the instruction, an introduction and installation instructions.

You play the card game with at least 4 players and 48 cards, consisting of two sheets of Skat without Sevens and eighth. As you can see, it is not unlike the well-known game of Skat. The two cross-girls always play together. While playing, the new couples can be found, and it is not clear, who plays together with whom, like at the Skat. It constitutes the sense and thrill of the game, but also to conceal, or to find out who partner and who is enemy. Much of the skill of the player, it depends how the gameplay is. In FreeDoko, you will find an exciting and varied game that will fascinate you.

To the origin of the game, it can be said that it is probably arose from the sheep's head very often played in southern Germany. The rules of this game goes back to the year 1895. Twin was named thus, all cards are present twice in the game. Mostly twin in Northern Germany and the Rhein-Mein region is played, but it is also beyond these parts of the country a card game that is popular beyond measure. FreeDoko can be played alone. You configure your at least three opponents, you play against the then. Or you find yourself along to a DOKO evening with friends and spend an exciting and stimulating time with FreeDoko.

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Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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