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The freeCommander portable is a free file manager for storage on a USB stick.



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freeCommander Portable

With freeCommander portable, you get a file manager that you can take anywhere and start easily via USB. The design is adapted to the Windows Explorer, so that the application is not difficult.

FreeCommander portable is an Explorer for on the go. You save it on a USB flash drive and access it from any computer. The advantage compared to the traditional Windows Explorer is handling. The software is designed as double glazing, so you move files easily back and forth. Thus, the drag-and-drop method between different Windows is easier still. The design of the program is imitated in the Windows Explorer, so that the user is familiar and easy. Various designs allow the customization of the program according to your wishes.

FreeCommander portable supports various file formats and packed files. You simply open the known archive formats and is looking for the files. FreeCommander portable can show images and texts, therefore, it is not important what software on the exporting computer is installed. The software detects all known file formats and can deal with them. The program is completely free of charge, therefore it offers several advantages over other paid competitors.

The idea of freeCommander portable was the development of a file manager, with which all files can be opened without any problems. You can look at just all files, regardless of the software installed on the target computer. It is convenient to the application on a USB stick on public computers where the pre-installed software is not known. FreeCommander portable takes over all tasks of the Windows Explorer, without being installed on the hard disk.

Description of the version: freeCommander Portable

Some improvements have been made in the latest version of freeCommander portable. In the 64-bit versions of Windows, a shortcut menu containing the entries for 64-bit programs will be displayed. Thus the control in the 64-bit versions is lighter, and all settings can be made. Folders and files are displayed in a flat view, so that the display is still clear. In the settings, you can adjust now also a background color and more details for the view.

The most important functions in the freeCommander portable 2009-02a

• Easier control of the software in 64-bit versions of Windows
• Context menus with entries for 64-bit programs
• Use flat files and folders views
• Adjust background colors possible

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