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FreeCol is a free turn-based strategy game in the tradition of civilization.



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FreeCol 0.9.5 offers the complete gameplay of the classic colonization as open-source based version. Here you can make with the colonization of the Americas: you start colonies, are doing trade and fight against the competition. You play against your friends in multiplayer mode.

The strategic open source game FreeCol derives classic colonization by SID of Meier's, which came on the market in 1994. FreeCol aims, to colonize the new world discovered by Columbus on behalf of a European country of your choice and to achieve independence from the European continent. The game starts in the year 1492. The participating countries are France, Spain, England and Holland.

FreeCol is running several rounds. It comes to occupy land, to produce goods and trade. You act against the settler's competition, so the representatives of the other major Nations on the North American continent. And you repeatedly experience encounters with the native inhabitants, the Indians. Here you can decide whether you want to exchange goods with them and living together peacefully or whether you're fighting them and remove them to country are trying.

First, you start the game with a single settler who searches the sea for land for a colony. Did you reach the target, it mainly comes to lure new colonists to the land in order to expand the community. For this, it is important to trade, to inspire new adventurers of your plan with Europe by ship. The country is sufficiently populated, aligns with the focus on the main goal of FreeCol: to declare the independence of the new world by the European great powers. But be careful! The Regents of the old country put up which of course cannot easily and fight back in the form of attacks. It remains exciting...

Description of the version: FreeCol

The current version of the strategy game FreeCol, whose the aim of the game is essentially lies in the building of a powerful nation by conquest, taking action relationships and the distribution and production of goods, offers some new features. Further sound and graphic effects, as well as Filmapplikationen are active with designers of the open-source project data gaps and memory leaks have been disclosed and patched, so the game due to a the user optimum game speed can shine.

Special features and benefits by FreeCol 0.9.5

• Improvement of sound and graphic effects, and Filmapplikationen
• Optimization of usability and speed by eliminating data gaps and memory leaks
• Integrated multiplayer mode (up to 8 players)
• Free download version for Windows and MAC

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