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Freeciv is a sophisticated multiplayer building strategy game for the computer.



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Freeciv is the ideal software for you if you love strategy game. This no small buns are baked, but built as equal to the whole world. You begin in the stone age and work by yourself with your civilization in the near future. Build empires and thereby see to how others perish. You're in Freeciv of the ruler of a nation and lead it through its history. The options in this game are virtually unlimited and will overwhelm you. You start with a small town, which developed in the course of time, prospers, erected buildings, improved economically and produces great war lords and scientific achievements. Your Kingdom to gradually upgrade and build more cities all over the world map. Your sphere of influence would increase more and more, until you get up to the ruler of the world someday far in the future. All this and much more is possible in Freeciv. Just check out this new implementation of the classic for the PC.

You can hit different ways in Freeciv when developing your people. You need not prove yourself about wars, but can be also a wise ruler who sent diplomatic negotiations with other peoples and calls for cultural services. Freeciv has something for every type of player.

Freeciv is but not only by itself but also with other feature online playable. So you can measure yourself with other leaders from around the world, and significantly increase the fun with Freeciv. In the multiplayer battles, it runs up to great shape and can inspire. The game is you the classics on which it is based, clearly, and offer entirely novel features that can enhance the gaming experience.

Other features of Freeciv:

• Up to 30 players
• 47 Units
• 61 different Nations
• Madpack support
• Fog of war
• Pre-built scenarios

The Freeciv developers

The game of Freeciv is programmed by a group of independent developers, and is available free of charge. Freeciv is characterized by its platform independence, i.e., it is playable not only on the common Windows computers, but also on Linux systems. In addition, you can play FreeCiv also on AmigaOS or on your Mac.

Description of the version: Freeciv

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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