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Simple and easy maintenance of the operating system with the free Windows registry cleaner.



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Free Windows Registry Cleaner

Version 1.85 of rain scanner gives you several ways to search your registry for specific criteria. Through various options, it is easy to make the search quickly and efficiently in this version. A further, significant difference is that the results are clearly presented in a list. You can sort these if required, in which you indicate as criterion 'Key' or 'Type'. To get really only matches to the search criteria, you may have even once again browse the list.

• Searches the registry for special terms
• Clearly displays the results in a list
• The list itself can be searched again
• No installation required
• Freeware

Description of the version: Free Windows Registry Cleaner

New free Windows registry cleaner version 2.0 even more now makes it easier for you to keep free of stale records, which could make your computer slower the registry file for your operating system. The structuring of the user interface has been simplified significantly, so that you can access the most important functions even faster. Also, all registry files of the new Windows 7 operating systems can be searched and cleaned up.

The free Windows registry cleaner is now even more convenient

• The software now offers a clearly designed user interface
• Support for all current operating systems like Windows 7
• Faster processing of deletions in the registry

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