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Free Windows 7 iPad theme contains the typical iPad interface for use in Windows 7.



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Free Windows 7 iPad Theme

You're a fashionable iPad screen theme iPad with free Windows 7 from your classic Windows interface. Distribute the known apps on the screen, put the Mac OS system tray and set the Apple sounds.

The program of free Windows 7 iPad theme brings the sounds, icons, and the desktop wallpaper of the Apple iPad on your PC. After downloading and installing the file, you can give a completely new look via a right click the desktop of your Windows interface. The animated bar Mac OS appears at the bottom of the image. The Safari icon is the left icon in the bar, also come the messages, clock, iPod, mail, notes, photos, weather, map and calendar. The icons can see, although not be clickable but stylish out. Also located in the ZIP archive of the free Windows 7 iPad theme of RocketDock. This animated taskbar is also kept in the style of Mac OS. In a separate folder, you will find then other iPad icons that you can insert in your interface. So, can you bring the hip styling of the iPad on your Windows PC and must not get yet on a new operating system. Free Windows 7 iPad theme is a great program, not only for fans of Apple products.

The file size of free Windows 7 iPad theme is 30.5 MB and is suitable for the operating system Windows 7. The program language is English. After successful download, moves the file directly into the system folder and appears there under the name iPad design. A special highlight is the additional tool switcher. With Switcher, you can use the handy exposé feature of the Mac OS operating system for Windows. If you want to see only the complete iPad design on your screen, you can also hide the Windows taskbar. In addition, you have the option to set the Apple sounds as melodies.

Description of the version: Free Windows 7 iPad Theme

The basic version of the free Windows 7 iPad theme puts Apple on a Windows PC. With the included files, you can easily turn your classic Windows interface into an Apple PC. This version contains some of the well-known icons such as the weather apps and the browser of iPad apps. With just a few clicks, you can create you an iPad bar and fill with the icons of your choice. A special extra brings the version with the switcher. This lets you use the Exposé feature of the iPad.

Free Windows 7 iPad theme - Apple for the Windows PC

• Ease of installation and application
• Contains a wide range of well-known Apple icons
• Additional program to use the Apple Exposé function
• Includes Apple sounds

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