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Free solitaire includes ten variants of the popular solitaire game for free download.



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Free Solitaire

There are a number of solitaire games on the net, Solitaire is one of them. It exists in various versions, free solitaire. The basic principle remains but always the same. You put on long rows of matching cards and then switches it to stacking.

If you are interested in games that can be played on the computer, you know the patience of Solitaire with security. The game is known above all Windows users. The associated Windows version not enough many of you however. If you belong to those who want to have more variety, then you're well served with free solitaire. Free solitaire offers ten variants of the game and thus ensures that you not bored. It is graphically very well designed. In addition to Klondike contains the download of FreeCell, double Klondike, forty thieves, golf, Indian patience, Montana, pyramid, sea towers, and spider. Overall some 70 variants available stand in the network. While the basic rules are varied over and over again, also the design - so there is for example a pyramid shape instead of the usual four pillars - is different.

The forty thieves game works with eight fields in which the card must be placed, first unneeded cards are pushed onto a stack and uncovered again, and moved to one of the possible fields. Because the freeware Solitaire not particularly long all variants, they are well suited, if you're looking for some distraction in a short work break. Of course, you can play different variations on time and achieve thus more levels. The game of golf Solitaire, so a free solitaire variants, has as its goal "to punch up all the cards", in a certain period of time. Download of this freeware is free of charge.

Description of the version: Free Solitaire

The version 5.0 of free solitaire offers ten versions of the well-known solitaire game to download. In addition to Klondike, 'Original belonging to Windows', you will find nine new variations, such as the spider, or forty thieves. The development of the program was discontinued in the fall of 2003 and it's free for the prospective customer to have. It is suitable for the operating systems Win 98, Win NT 4.0, win 2000, win me and Win 95 and occupies 1.9 MByte on your computer. The graphic quality is very good, even for those who otherwise play the version of your operating system.

What has to offer free solitaire for you

• good graphic design
• 1.9 MB
• Language: English
• running Win 95 98, Win NT 4.0, win 2000, win me, win
• Download is free

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