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With the free screen video recorder, you can easily create how-to videos.



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Free Screen Video Recorder

The free screen video recorder is an intuitive, powerful tool, which in no time instruction videos create can, by the screen to a video file is captured.

If you're in your circle of acquaintances to those that help is always needed when it comes to computers and the use of applications, free screen video recorder is the perfect tool for you. Hereby, it is possible to capture the own screen content in a video file and then send to clarify them with the necessary steps to his friends and co-workers. The free screen video recorder brings all the features, you need to do this so that you can create much more professional in future of how-to videos.

The free screen video recorder offers you not only the opportunity to capture the entire screen in a video, but also only relevant parts of it. So for example, you can select one or more window, in which you run a software, how it works you want to illustrate. With these features is free screen video recorder also excellent for this, to create presentations that can help further on the work. The operation is in completely intuitive and can be learned in just a few minutes. Try it just once!

The developer of the free screen video recorder
The free screen video recorder is provided completely free of charge for the computer community from the makers of DVD video soft. The programmer responsible in addition to free screen video recorder yet for a whole host of other useful tools in the field of video, with which a variety of everyday tasks are much easier make.

Description of the version: Free Screen Video Recorder

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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