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The free PDF Compressor enables compressing PDF files to the desired level.



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Free PDF Compressor

PDFs are a practical file format to save pleasantly readable text and image. It will be more practical if you can save the sometimes quite large files disk-saving. That allows the free PDF Compressor.

As the name implies, the free PDF Compressor lets you compress PDF files. Especially if you often back - and -forth copy PDF files, to lead them on USB sticks or mobile hard disks, or if you want to upload them as an email attachment, send the size is relevant, to minimize load times. With the free PDF Compressor you can reduce the size of the file, without losing information, which makes easier the transfer of files. You can choose how much you want to compress the files: the free PDF Compressor lets you choose between different compression levels. Depending on whether file size or the speed of the compress and de compress matters most, you choose the appropriate compression type.

The menu is in English, what not should trouble friends at the simple way. It runs on computers with Windows XP and ME, but also on Windows 98, 2000 and 2003. The download file of the free PDF Compressor is only 288 kilobytes large – so you can already enjoy the benefits of this practical tool after a short download. As you probably have guessed from the name, is free to download as the use of free PDF Compressor.

The makers of free PDF Compressor
The free PDF Compressor comes from the NicePDF software, a software company, also the famous nice PDF Creator has produced, a program that allows you to create PDFs on push of a button in Office applications.

Description of the version: Free PDF Compressor

The free PDF Compressor version 1.12 allows compressing PDF files under Windows XP and ME, as well as Windows 98, 2000 and 2003. You can download the software, which has been available since 2006, and use. The free PDF Compressor 1.12 allows you to select the compression level, which corresponds to your needs: it is a high compression rate for fast transfers of the PDF file or a lower rate for fast compression and decompression.

The advantages of free PDF Compressor 1.12

• Freeware: Free download, use free
• Thanks to faster data transfers smaller PDFs
• Faster download: only 288 kilobytes
• Ease of use
• Selectable compression level
• Compression without loss of data

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