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With free MSN emoticons Pack, you get five emoticon packs with 176 different smileys.



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Free MSN Emoticons Pack

The installation of the free MSN emoticons Pack is simple. You start so that you double-click on the .exe file running. Here you should note the following: it appears the note: "install the Dealio comparison shopping toolbar". You should remove the check mark here automatically used when you download free MSN emoticons Pack. Otherwise you are installing not only the free MSN emoticons Pack, but also at the same time a tool bar.

Now you need to open the MSN Messenger. Program, you start the smiley face under "Start/programs/free MSN emoticons Pack X". Now, you select the button "Install this to free MSN emoticons Pack Messenger". Now, the tool adds the new emoticons from the free MSN emoticons Pack in your MSN Messenger. Now, you can press the "OK" button and close the window. You decline the question whether you want to visit the manufacturer's website of free MSN emoticons Pack, simply. Now, the installation process is essentially complete. If you now select the function "Extra/Emoticons" in MSN Messenger, you can manage your smileys. With the function "Attach" to add the emoticons from the free MSN emoticons Pack in your emoticon overview. You are friends now for each message available.

Free MSN emoticons Pack is an adware for the Windows operating system, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Free MSN emoticons Pack is an English version. But even if you should not dominate the English language, dealing with the addition of this software is completely trouble-free. The fact that you have pinned the additional five packages of emoticons from the free MSN emoticons Pack to your emoticon selection, you are using as well as your Standardsmileys from MSN Messenger.

Download and install of the free MSN emoticons Pack:

• Download size 4.1 MB
• For the operating systems Windows 2000, XP and Windows Vista
• Installation by running the .exe file
• On request an additional tool bar
The "extra" function • simple stapling of the emoticons
• Integration in the emoticon of MSN Messenger Overview

The content of the Gratispakete

With the new adware for your Messenger, you get five Gratispakete with a total of 176 emoticons. The graphic design is very well done and very resourceful. It allows you to select an appropriate emoticon for each of your messages easily. So, you can give your personal touch your MSN Messenger. The total package and has a download size 4.1 MB so not too much space on your computer to complete.

Description of the version: Free MSN Emoticons Pack

If you use often and like your MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger, the Standardsmilies are quickly bored. With the free MSN emoticons Pack you will receive 57 new and funny emoticons. With the insertion of new emoticons you can communicate your feelings even more figuratively in the instant messages. Something extra in these emoticons is the new shiny look that brings your emoticons to the rays.

That's what the free MSN emoticons Pack:

• 57 new and funny emoticons
• Feature: emoticons with gloss look
• Emoticons are significantly larger than in the standard version
• Simply insert of the emoticons in Messenger

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