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Free hide IP offers anonymous surfing and chatting with American proxy server IP addresses.



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Free Hide IP

Free hide IP allows anonymous surfing and chatting on the Internet in the free version. With this software, you're protected against data collectors and other potential dangers on the Internet.

With just one click connects you to an American proxy free hide IP, assigns you a new IP address and automatically obscures your actual IP. So you can surf in the Internet and chat, without any data collector log your surfing habits. Because free hide IP provides more privacy and protects you in the Internet world. You can also anonymously send emails. A great side-effect of this software is that American services that are not available in Germany, so can be used. You can therefore access to forums and blocked Web sites using the software. Free hide IP works with Internet browsers Mozilla Firefox, Opera, chrome browser and Internet Explorer. The software is available in the English language.

The free version of free hide IP offers ease of use. With the mouse, the user can decide all settings. For example, whether free hide IP automatically starts at system startup, or at what time intervals to change the IP address on the proxy. You can show you the IP address or hide by clicking again. The "stop hide" function stops browsing under another IP and assigns your actual IP address again. In addition to the free version, there is also a paid Pro version. This offers more proxies and enables faster switching IP addresses.

If you want to free download free hide IP, then just click on the download button and download the software starts.

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Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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