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With free HD video converter you can convert files between HD and normal formats.



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Free HD Video Converter

HD movies can not of course be played on the computer. This makes more difficult the handling of home media something, can be solved easily by the features of the free HD video converter.

HD quality videos were becoming more popular in recent times. This brings the advantage that you can enjoy movies in better quality, though, is slightly more complex but also the data transfer. The software on most computers is namely not able to recognize the HD format and play. To this discrepancy workaround to create, you need a tool, between different formats back and can switch. With the free HD video converter, you can convert your HD formats in more normal storage. Target format here such as AVI or MPEG might, but also rather unusual formats such as MOV or RMVB. So you can see even your footage from your camcorder on your computer, if they were otherwise unreadable. This will save you the trouble, constantly on the choice of format of your video creations to give eight; with the free HD video converter, disagreements in the media pluralism can be solved very quickly and easily.

If you want to present, distribute or archive only, the free HD video converter can help you. Completely free of charge, the necessary options can be meet with just a few clicks – you need to choose only your target format - and implement the format ideas into action. The user interface is intuitively understandable and even for users without difficulty, which are alien to the computer and want to install only the footage from your camcorder in order. This tool allows you to keep pace, even if you lack the right software with HD technology.

Description of the version: Free HD Video Converter

The free HD video converter allows you, in its version 5.2.1, to convert your recordings and films in the format. You can toggle between HD format and more common formats such as AVI or MPEG and forth. This allows you to be flexible with your media and spontaneously to make videos without great care. With this version, the State of the art is kept pace; the user interface is still very simple and simple, understandable without problems.

Features of the free HD video converter 5.2.1

• Conversion of files between the special HD format and more popular formats.
• Can be converted in: MOV, DAT, AVI, FLV, WMV, RMVB, 3GP, MP4, M2TS, MTS, and M2T. ..

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