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Free desktop clock is a freeware to adapt the Windows time display in the taskbar.



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Free Desktop Clock

The settings for Windows are relatively small. Although you can set background a different screen saver or desktop, but is much more then already nearly impossible. With free desktop clock, you have the opportunity to design the Windows default time display a bit more interesting. Free desktop clock offers you a variety of ways that you can use for quick and easy installation. The download, you can start directly from our page, goes by the way, just as quickly, because the program is small and quickly loaded.

After the installation, free desktop clock is immediately ready for use and is noticeable by the modified time indicator on the Windows taskbar. By double-clicking on the display, you can open the Options dialog by free desktop clock and adjustments. There were first of all the question of whether you want to use the 12 - or 24-hour format, and whether free desktop clock to display the seconds. Also, you may have during the year show the day of the week or the number of the week (1-52) to you. Free desktop clock offers you also the opportunity, show the uptime instead of the current time, so how long your computer since startup has been running. As additional information, a free desktop clock Moreover also can show you the memory usage.

Other settings affect the behavior, the tones of free desktop clock and time zone. The program can display 2 time zones you here, so you always know what time it is just in a different part of the world. And finally you can adjust the Windows system time with an atomic clock and adjust how often this time synchronization should be performed by free desktop clock. The skins then 50 different to choose are friends, and through a fee-based registration of your freeware, you gain access to more skins. Just try it out and your Windows open a little bit different.

Features of free desktop clock:

• Other designs for the Windows time display
• Balance time with atomic clock
• 12 or 24-hour view
• 50 different skins available
• Freeware
• For Win NT/2000/XP/2003

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Free desktop clock is a development of the drive software company. The company's goal is the development of free - and shareware. All programs can be used in fully-functional and bought after a test phase. The distribution of solutions runs while online-only, which means that the programs are available exclusively as downloads and as a CD or DVD.

Description of the version: Free Desktop Clock

With the free desktop clock 2.1 you can watch right below on your screen to give a whole new look. From fabulous 50 designs, you can select your own personal favorites and install. In addition to classic older design, completely new colourful optics are possible. According to your taste you can display the time alone, in addition the date, day of the week, and seconds can be displayed.

The features of the free desktop clock 2.1:

• Many different designs to choose from for your PC clock
• Depending on: 12 - and 24-hour display selectable
• Arises independently of the current radio-controlled time

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