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With the resource-saving free audio dub, you can easily cut audio files.



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Free Audio Dub

To cut an audio file, you will need a special music cutting software. Often, they need a fast high end PC. Free audio dub is slim and also runs on slow computers.

Free audio dub of the company DVDVideoSoft free program allows you to cut audio files, such as music or drama. So you can, for example, at the end or at the beginning of the track, cut out, for example, simply silent places, or in multiple files split when several songs in a file are grouped together. Free audio dub copes differently than many other editing programs, with almost all formats. The formats MP3, WAV, AAC, AC3, M4A, MP2, OGG, WMA are supported. The audio editing software is designed for Windows and cope with any version from Windows XP, also the server versions.

A special problem of many editing programs: Since the file modified (cut) will have most applications the audio file reset together. This process is called also encode. This often worsens the playback quality. So, it can happen that after the cut, noise or buzzing is heard. Free audio dub gets around this problem by allowing the source information in the audio file unchanged. The quality remains so even after the cut as well. The cutting process itself is done in just a few clicks. You have to just open the file to be cut about free audio dub. Then, you can listen to the file through the editing program and in places where the file should be cut, put appropriate tags. You're satisfied with the used markers you simply click on the Start button and free audio dub does the rest in a few seconds.

Description of the version: Free Audio Dub

The current version of the free Developer's DVDVideoSoft free audio dub 1.7.8 brings a variety of large and small bug fixes with it for you. The Elimination of this error contributes in particular to the stability of the small conversion program. As an optimization of the Komprimierungsengine, as well as better compatibility belongs to the update to the latest Scion of Microsoft: the Windows 7 operating system. In addition, some new languages were included in the Repertoire of the software.

New features in version 1.7.8 free audio dub

• Fixes of minor errors to increase the stability
• Better compatibility with the new Microsoft Windows 7
• Recording some new languages
• Increased stability of the programme

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