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With the free 3D video maker, you can make a 3D movie with just a few clicks from a 2D video.



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Free 3D Video Maker

With the free 3D video maker, you can now easily create own 3D video. The program uses the Anaglyph red-blue method, so that you can look at your score on each screen.

All you need is a traditional 2D, you convert video maker to a 3D movie can be with the free 3D. Simply select option "Single Source File", so that the effect can simulate the 3D program. You score a better result if you have twice the filmed scene available. Movies just with two cameras that you hold each other at constant distance, at the same time. The free 3D video maker can now generate from two 2D images a perfect 3D recording.

Because the program Anaglyph red-blue method works, you need only a pair of glasses and no special screen for viewing of the film. You can view the finished AVI videos with just a few clicks with a simple media player. To see the 3D effect, you have to perceive a different, slightly moved image with each eye. The free 3D video maker accomplishes this by he edited the two move image files with different filters and then stores it in a file. Both images at the same point are visible on the screen, but through the glasses each eye can see only one of them.

The free 3D video maker is an ideal complement to the suite free Studio from DVDVideoSoft. After the free 3D photo maker, which enabled the processing of photographs, videos is available now finally also the version for 3D. All 41 programs of free Studio are free of charge and are regularly updated. Thus even the layman can set up a complete image and sound processing Studio on his computer, which leaves nothing to be desired.

Description of the version: Free 3D Video Maker

The version 1.01 is an early beta version, which is already fully operational. The first impression of the program is consistently positive. The manufacturer has given great effort already in the first publication to ensure freedom from bugs and other disagreements. The beta version already has all essential tools, such as the single source option, can be used to simulate a missing second video. The import of the source files can be AVI or MPEG also.

The most important functions of the free 3D video maker

• 3D video creation
• Import AVI and MPEG possible
• Single source file option
• Output as AVI file
• Use the Anaglyph red blue method
• free beta version

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