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Free 3D Earth screensaver offers a fascinating perspective on the Earth and realistic animations.



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Free 3D Earth Screensaver

The globe against the backdrop of the black universe appears as soon as the free 3D Earth screensaver on your screen is activated. Even the breaks are a relaxing experience! Free 3D Earth screensaver is 3D animated and conjures up so realistic effects on your monitor. Also Sun and moon appear in the background and provide exciting light effects. Some stars sparkle at all and support the light of Sun and moon on the otherwise black background, which makes a good contrast to the glowing globe. The very natural-looking animation of the free 3D Earth screensaver also changes from day to night, so you can enjoy the magnificent sight of the world at night. The bright lights of major cities and the darkness elsewhere provide information about where the world's most densely populated. In this way, the free 3D Earth screensaver opened a whole new, exciting views of our planet friends!

However, the free 3D Earth screensaver not only impresses with its beautiful view of the Earth. If you want to, the free 3D displays include the current time in attractive, bright letters at the bottom of the screen Earth screensaver you.

Free 3D Earth screensaver is compatible with all Windows systems from Windows 98 to Windows Vista and is very easy to install. You download the free 3D Earth screensaver now for free with us – you just click on the download button and already you can experience all the benefits of the fascinating free 3D Earth screensaver itself.

The features of the free 3D Earth screensaver at a glance

• Screensaver with spectacular views of our planet
• Realistic effects and animations - from outer space!
• Switches from day to night mode
• Display the time
• The free 3D Earth screensaver is completely free!
One has the feeling • as you would look directly out of a spaceship on the planet!

The history of the screen saver

Screen saver there since the late 1980s, then they should prevent an image that is long on the monitor, burns up in the tube screen. Today no longer have screen saver this function but serve mainly the entertainment. Free 3D Earth screensaver is probably one of the most original screen saver, which is there at the moment. His appearance and the animations radiate a certain peace and at the same time, it's great fun to see him. Therefore, the free 3D Earth screensaver is also becoming increasingly popular.

Description of the version: Free 3D Earth Screensaver

With the free 3D Earth screensaver, you can admire our planet during work breaks. From black space, you see the world in a three-dimensional animation. Sun and moon are in the background. So you can watch in an impressive simulation, how on Earth is day and night. In addition of the screen is displayed if you are interested the current time at the bottom.

The features of the free 3D Earth screensaver at a glance

• Realistic simulation of the Earth
• Views of the Earth from outer space
• Go to Sun and moon
• Representation of day and night on Earth

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