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FoxMail 6 ( is a standalone email client and has been developed in China.



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FoxMail 6 ( tags for the Firefox browser is not email. As the name perhaps suspect otherwise, lets, FoxMail 6 ( is a completely standalone email client. FoxMail 6 ( is completely free of charge and can be downloaded here. The software of FoxMail 6 ( provides many sophisticated features. So an import - and export function is included as an example of Outlook mail. At the same time, you can manage several POP3 accounts under each set of POP3 user profile.

FoxMail 6 ( gives an IMAP account management and in addition a so-called remote check function. This means that you're with FoxMail 6 ( able to edit your messages directly on the server before you call them off. A built-in Template Manager helps you FoxMail 6 (, to use already prepared HTML or text templates or create your own designed templates. Also an RSS reader belongs to the range of functions. It could also be possible, without installation for example a mobile USB flash drive to transfer to FoxMail. Accordingly result in flexible applications for the program.

Download FoxMail easily on this page. FoxMail 6 ( you in your daily E-Mail editing is a great help. Click on the download button, and the program on your computer is installed in a very short time.

FoxMail includes a lot of applicable features:

• Integrated spam filter
• Import and export feature of Outlook mail
• RSS reader
• IMAP account management
• Filter Manager, remote check function and virus filter
• Template Manager

Key features of FoxMail 6 ( at a glance

FoxMail 6 ( is a very powerful E-Mail program with many useful features and has a good usable interface. FoxMail 6 ( supports POP3 as well as Hotmail account and offer support for HTML emails. One can also find in multiple accounts and a letter-box encryption. To mention is, that FoxMail 6 ( owns a WYSIWIG tool. A special feature of the program is the remote access. Thus, you can look at your E-Mails directly on a server, and edit if necessary. You can leave the received emails on the server, delete them, or download to your own computer.

Description of the version: Foxmail

The free email client FoxMail offers you the same features as the well-known and some commercial programs in the latest version. In addition to the improved management of POP3 and IMAP accounts, as well as new spam functionality you can with the current version of FoxMail 6 edit your emails directly on the mail server and use the built-in Template Manager. In the new version, the user interface has been changed also and integrates an RSS reader.

FoxMail features in the current version 6 (

• Lean email client for POP3 and IMAP
• Provides ability to import and export to and from other email clients
• Has a templates Manager

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