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FOXIT READER is a free alternative to the traditional standard-PDF Tools.



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Foxit Reader

An excellent PDF program.

In contrast to some other software versions, the FOXIT READER opens your PDF documents without delay. While the interface and also the main functions of the program differ only very slightly from others, you known programs to date. With FOXIT, you can skip a site map for example to READER to get directly to a specific page of the document. Also, FOXIT READER allows it, to zoom the text and copy some text using the Clipboard to other applications.

FOXIT READER is also able to convert PDF documents to text files. Thus, he has a converter function that is not self-evident. You can provide your PDF documents with individual notes with the FOXIT READER. Of course, the FOXIT has READER also feature very comfortable pressure. Also search individual files is no problem at all with the FOXIT READER. If you're not sufficiently satisfied with the offered basic version of FOXIT READER, you have the opportunity, you numerous plug-in the dazu to get and how to expand. You can download also a German language file you. Thus, the program also on German works. You ENT put the file, choose the item "Tools/settings/languages D" in the menu and copy it into here.

The memo in the FOXIT READER is for example very helpful if you are large text files in PDF format, which must be revised in certain areas. A small yellow post-it appears anywhere on the screen, where you have inserted a note. This facilitated finding again your comments. FOXIT READER friends on the normal user interface also provides a number of valuable tools available, which can make the editing and archiving your PDF documents much easier. FOXIT is available for free download READER.

The functions of FOXIT READER

• No installation required
• Free language file in German available
• Faster opening of all PDF documents
• To add notes to existing PDF files
• Zoom and converting texts
• Copy of passages of text using the Clipboard

System requirements and installation instructions

The program is designed for operating systems Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The download size is 6.7 MB. A separate installation is not required. The program works properly immediately after downloading.

Description of the version: Foxit Reader

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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