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Only a few clicks are enough to adjust the size of any number of photos with Fotosizer.



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His photographs who edits his images themselves, must shrink rapidly and easily. When large amounts of data that is often time consuming. The program of Fotosizer is an ideal Assistant.

If you have downloaded many images on your PC, it can be that they are not properly aligned. And if you want to download your images on a Web page, for example, it is often necessary to adjust its size. Should they fit in given fields, you need to change your size here. And transferring photos to your mobile phone is a problem with large files. Da Fotosizer is an easy to use image editing program. It is clearly designed, and helps you quickly and easily edit your photos.

Did you open the program, you can via the function "Image selection", it is located on the left side of the window, load all photos to be processed. On the right side are the possible options to see. Here you can select what you want to do. Several photos are not correctly aligned, it's "turn" to the desired position to move possible all together with the setting. In addition, you can set whether your photos black and white or as negative should be issued.

Furthermore, you can define a new image size. To do the data in pixels or inches. It is also possible to select whether you change the size as a percentage want to, if you want to set a fixed size or if you specify the new size itself. Have you made your selection, you specify still how and where the modified images will be saved. The image formats BMP; PNG, GIF, JPEG, and TIFF are supported by Fotosizer. By clicking on the button start all your changes run quite simply of Fotosizer on the photos you selected.

Description of the version: Fotosizer

Photo size is a suitable tool to make resizing of photos. For a better representation in the publication on the Web or as an E-mail attachment, the free software image files can reduce according to your wishes. It can continue to improve the quality of photos. Here, a simultaneous processing of multiple images is possible. Processed files in the bmp, tiff - gif, JPEG and png format. The program also for newcomers is quickly through the ease of use.

System requirements for this free program

• Windows computers with the following operating systems: 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista
• Still no Mac or Linux version available
• At least 1,520 KB disk space on the hard disk
• 5 MB of free hard disk space is required

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