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Photos on CD & DVD 9 is a program for generating innovative and spectacular slide shows.



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Fotos auf CD & DVD

The latest version of the popular software from the House of MAGIX photos on CD & DVD 9 is. The program offers simple operation and outstanding opportunities in the creation of expensive-looking slideshows. Photos on CD & DVD 9 can be purchased in electronics specialist stores or available for download on our homepage. After installation the icon of the program photos on CD & DVD 9 on the desktop of the user interface of the PC appears and you can do it by a double click Open. Three tabs are available: the photos are read, edited, and again displayed as a slide show.

Photos on CD & DVD 9 reads photos directly from your camera, hard disk or optical drive. Depending on where you have saved the pictures, click on the corresponding button, opens the folder structure of your hard drive and you have access to the photos. 9 Not changed the original location photos on CD & DVD, this means that you're working with a copy of the photo in the program, while maintaining the original at the appropriate place. Have you specified the path from the first tab of photos on CD & DVD 9, you are changing in the editing. See all photos in a formula bar, which has multiple tracks appear here. Here, the creation of a slide show now allows photos on CD & DVD 9 with music and fun effects such as fades or subtitles. This may sound costly and complicated, but it isn't, because photos on CD & DVD 9 alone created all of the effects at your fingertips. Photos on CD & DVD 9 is it easy to use, all functions are self-explanatory, and it can appear at any time of the program's help function. The window on the left upper side of the screen of photos on CD & DVD 9 displays the already completed slide show after clicking on the play button.

After editing the slideshow created with MAGIX photos on CD & DVD 9 can be saved or burned onto a CD or DVD. Are you changing in the third rider photos on CD & DVD 9 to select a corresponding DVD menu and burn your slide show to a previously created blank.

Create easy slideshows with photos on CD and DVD 9

• Photos on CD & DVD
• Photo editing
• DVD authoring
• MAGIX photo show
• Slideshow for DVD player
• Video from your photos

Slideshow for everyone: now in the ninth version

MAGIX has become already a name after the first appearance of the program by the ease of use and the various editing functions. Although the latest versions are continuously improved and equipped with new features, sometimes the handle worth after the previous version, if it is available cheap.

Description of the version: Fotos auf CD & DVD

With the latest version of photos on CD & DVD, you can create slideshows of your photos and save them to CD or DVD. The special highlight of the new edition is an automatic archiving program for all your own files, documents, pictures, or music as protection against data loss. The 3D look, which works on every television has also been added. The program supports HD and Blu-ray ™.

This offers you the new photos on CD & DVD Deluxe 10

• More than 50 Deluxe Extras for your slideshow
• Slide shows for the TV, PC, Web, Blu-ray ™ and other mobile devices
• Archiving program for all files on your computer
• HD compatible

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