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FontLab Studio 5.0 is the most advanced font editor on the market today.



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FontLab Studio

Now it has finally come, you can create your own fonts with FontLab Studio 5.0. It has been never so easy to put your own ideas into an own font. Install the FontLab Studio 5.0 today and let yourself inspire by the countless possibilities, the editor can offer you. You can customize existing fonts according to your ideas or create completely new. You can rely on conventional fonts, or you develop your own letters. With FontLab Studio 5.0 is no problem at all about. Design a font based on graphics, and surprise to your friends. The software is run on all versions of Windows and of course on your Mac.

FontLab Studio 5.0 is a professional graphic editor of the next generation. FontLab Studio 5.0 is established by many well-known companies from the field of computer design and has lots of advantages. You have the possibility to print your new fonts quickly and on paper to see friends, how they work. So you can make changes during the development.

FontLab Studio 5.0 supports many layouts for fonts, so you your own creation in many everyday situations of writing can be inserted. It is even possible to manipulate multiple fonts in a single working step in FontLab Studio 5.0.

Other features of FontLab Studio 5.0:

• Python 2.0 support
• Glyph design
• Preview function
Pixelfont support
• Unicode 5.0 support
• Improved OpenType support

The developer of FontLab Studio 5.0

FontLab Studio 5.0 is developed by FontLab Ltd.. The software operates on the market since 2005 and has many satisfied customers can find. Fontlab Ltd. has been known previously under the name Pyrus North America Ltd. and performed under this name on the market since 1992. Sales software of the SoftUnion Ltd. in Russia in the early days, and was one of the first companies that could offer a font editor for the former Windows version 2.0. FontLab has developed since then of course considerably Studio 5.0, and it can be said that FontLab Studio 5.0 is now one of the most popular Fonteditoren on the market with a very wide distribution and customer satisfaction, especially among graphic designers.

Description of the version: FontLab Studio

The current version of FontLab Studio boasts some innovations, which also support you in the realization of their own creative ideas for the design of fonts. The multiline preview and automatic generation of classes facilitate you the structured and effective handling of fonts. You have now the possibility to transform BMP files into pixel fonts and to develop world-class own fonts through optimized rendering.

The most important innovations in the current version of the FontLab Studio

• Revolutionary new metrics
• Unicode 5.0 support
• Roundtrip editing of complex script fonts
• create multiple fonts in a single step
• automatic generation of classes possible

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