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By FolksKaraoke you will experience the fun karaoke fun on your computer with you home.



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The karaoke-FolksKaraoke is the mood maker on your party. You can sing your favorite songs with your friends. Select the song you want to sing with like and grab the microphone. You have to not perfect can sing, because that's what makes the charm of FolksKaraoke. And occasionally a few oblique tones are the ROAR and bring lots of fun at your party.

Download FolksKaraoke is quickly installed and easy to use. Displaying FolksKaraoke consists of the three about the replaying the songs and lyrics, as well as a control unit on the top line. There are buttons with various functions for setting and configuration. You can display the lyrics to friends or hide them if you already know the words. Then you can disable the audio, "mute". To the expiration of the karaoke show, FolksKaraoke offers various options: you can randomly playback the tracks, play five titles consecutively or create you a playlist of your favorite songs. Also other settings are possible in the settings. Among other things, you can change the image in the background. If you have a birthday party, you can provide the background of FolksKaraoke with your photo or unhide a birthday cake. So the party fun twice.

Free download of FolksKaraoke starts here easily. After just a few clicks, you can start FolksKaraoke and you grab your microphone.

FolksKaraoke has the following features:

• Karaoke program for my computer with lyrics for many popular songs
• Optional insertion of the texts
• Individual images as a background can be selected
• Either random or give 5 playback
• Display of the remaining time for each song
• Computer microphone can be used

Karaoke is a popular party game, especially in Asian countries for many years. Song lyrics are displayed on a screen, the melody starts, and a party guest can join the text via a microphone connected. So he doesn't mess up in the text or gets out of synch, programs like FolksKaraoke show exactly, at which point of the song, and the text is located. But, the real fun is that wrong texts or notes are sung even wrong. Karaoke is popular for several years in Europe, and karaoke is possible FolksKaraoke now available on the local computer. You need only a microphone and download FolksKaraoke.

Description of the version: FolksKaraoke

With the new FolksKaraoke, you can turn your living room into a karaoke bar. The program, which you all can download, can be started directly after the installation. With FolksKaraoke, you have the opportunity to sing the current chart songs and classics of music history. The text display is adapted more precisely to the songs, so you do not miss your usage. At the same time, the program can appear on multiple computers.

The new FolksKaraoke free download:

• better coordination of music and lyrics
• the program runs on multiple machines, multiple participants at the same time possible
• new 3D in the background with various city panoramas and nature shots

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