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  • Windows 4.0 RC11

Folderico is a software for the colour design of folders in Windows directories.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013


With the program of Folderico can be colored folders in your Windows directories. You can download the program and make the PC entirely according to your personal preferences.

Do you want more variety in your Windows directories? Do you want to mark your folder for a better overview with different colors? This is not a problem with the software Folderico - with it you can make also the administrative area on your PC according to your personal preferences.

Folderico is a free download available for you. The file has a size of 4.1 MB and installs quickly and easily on the computer. Then it can go right - the operation of the software is very simple: If you have started the program, adding to the context menu for folders under "Tool". It will appear when you press the right mouse button. In this way you can give easily an individual color your folders, such as systematically sorted by content or just because colors make good mood. If you want to change the folder colors again and again, that is also no problem with Folderico: just under "Change icon" select the appropriate directory and select a color. The function "reset folder icon" available friends, if you want to undo all changes and prefer a uniform color of the folder.

The free software also convinces by a simple and clear design: Cool blue tones dominate the menu of Folderico and unnecessary and distracting design elements have dispensed with the developers of the software. Also the structure of the menus is easy and can be well located, the software is compatible with the Windows 7 operating system.

Description of the version: Folderico

The new version of the software Folderico is compatible with the Windows operating system 7. Furthermore, it offers the usual features of free software: with it you can easily change the colors of the folders in Windows directories - and emerge such as your own personal color control system on your PC. The menu system is easy because of the simple and clear design, the program is available for free download at the disposal and can be installed quickly and easily.

The most important details of the current version of Folderico:

• Compatible with the Windows 7 operating system
• Faster download of the software and easy installation
• Changing the colors of folders in the Windows directories
• Clearly arranged menu navigation

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