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Folder size folder size makes visible, what Windows Explorer fails.



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Folder Size

Where the Windows Explorer failed, there the program of folder size helps. It displays your folders with each corresponding file size. So you can see at a glance, where memory Eater sit on your computer.

Who works with the Windows Explorer, knows the problem. The files do not, however, seem the folder with their size. Here, the file sizes are not easily viewed. There are the software folder size. The tool is an open-source instrument, which immediately displays the size of the folder after you install. Thus, the programme fills a gap of Explorer. Detailed list view, the software folder size shows which folders with what file size do exist.

Thus enhances the Windows Explorer folder size. The file size display works both for individual files and folders. Once you have installed the freeware on your computer, you need to enable the feature in Windows Explorer. It's easy: you open the Windows Explorer and go to the detail view. Under the menu items view and details you can find the point size as the selection. You turn this off, because he was previously responsible for the size display of files. And so how you imagine the feature, it didn't work. So, you should disable it.

Now take the new settings for all folders, and already the convenient display goes off. Because folder size is active now, and you can see the sizes of all folders. As soon as you start the Windows Explorer, you know exactly where to located the memory wasters on your hard drive. All folders even including all subfolders are recorded and shown in their size. The list view is very clear. So you know at a glance, how is your space.

Description of the version: Folder Size

Folder size has your disk space indicator into the handle in its revised version. Many users, who like to participate program revisions, due to is the open source tool. You can use the freeware easily with the Windows XP operating system. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have changed their Explorer. Therefore, the software for these operating systems are no longer appropriate. The freeware can be downloaded easily. There is the folder size versions for 32-bit systems as well as for 64 bit systems.

Folder size in the latest revision

• Discovery of folder sizes at the very start of the Windows Explorer
• Representation in a clearly arranged list view
• Runs great with the operating system Windows XP
• Improved open-source instrument

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