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Folder protection protects your folders and files in three highly effective nuances.



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Folder protection in the new version of v5. 50 is now available. With the software, you can effectively protect your folders in Windows to access and change. Folder protection supports with different access rights, as well as types of encryption on internal and external data stores such as USB flash drives or hard drives. With folder protection you can be sure, that your folders keep your folders. This is an invaluable safety win folder protection offers you especially on shared computers.

Folder protection allows you 3 different security settings. In the General setting, access to the folder with a password is protected. A security query can be accessed then yet again as a registered user on a folder also protected with folder protection, if you should have forgotten the password. So be careful, that one selects type of access protection. At the next higher level, the file header of the data in the folder are also sent through a Scrambler and encrypted. Not again accessible are without password this data, as well as for highest protection with a 256-bit Blowfish encryption and password are not produced at the two higher encryption folder protection! You can take out but generally certain files such as for example system of encryption through filter settings.

The files in a protected folder are not visible and thus also not accessible without a password. This protection remains even when the DOS level or with a protected Windows startup folder to be accessed. There is no access without a password. The encryption performed folder protection on-the-fly, which means that the encryption is effective immediately. Try it best yourself once, and download folder protection via the download from our site. But be careful, and don't start with the highest encryption, because the standard protection is can convince you already.

Features of folder protection:

• Security software
• Protection on Windows folder level
• Work with internal and portable drives
• Supports different protection levels and filters
• Free trial
• For Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT/ME/98

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Folder protection is a service of KaKaSoft. The company currently focuses on this offer and puts its entire resources in the development of a safe and above all easy to use solution.

Description of the version: Folder-Protector

The current version of folder protector is now even more powerful and a part that protects your data from unauthorized access. Depending on the required level of security you have 3 different ways to protect your folders and data. The security mechanisms work not only for your hard disk, but you can secure mobile storage like USB sticks with the software. So no concern more if you stick one time - lose the data is safe.

Features of the current version of folder protector 5.30

• Encryption of folders and data
• 3 different levels of security
• Protects also removable media such as USB sticks
• Protected data can be changed in any way by third party

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