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Folder access is a simple program to encrypt folders and files.



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Folder Access

The software folder access enables easy to encrypt important data on the drive. You simply draw the desired folder in the program window, and the encryption is handled automatically.

With the program folder access, you get an encryption program that allows you to easily protect your data. You move the desired files or folders in the open window, and the program handles the encryption for you. Then, you need a personal password in order to access the encrypted files. The operation of the program is relatively simple. You're automatically in the window, what files and folders you're viewing as a "locked".

About the settings in the software, you can withdraw the encryption again. Folder access gives you some hints what you not should encrypt files, for example, system folders, which are important for the operation of the computer. The language folder access is entirely held in English, but the comprehensibility for beginners is guaranteed. In the free version of the program can encrypt up to four folders, where it is irrelevant how many files are in.

The program folder access is designed with the idea of the background to be able to encrypt folders and files quickly and easily with just a few clicks. At the same time help the program to access again the files with your password. The software supports the most common Windows operating systems and can be used on almost all computers. With a download size of about four megabytes, the software is relatively small and runs without any noticeable load on PC. The program was developed as a free freeware, it can be extended but also for encrypting multiple folders.

Description of the version: Folder Access

In the latest version of folder access, you can encrypt continues up to four folders and retrieve a password. Simple buttons to set your personal password, encrypt files and doing this back. You can select the displayed folder in the program window on a hook and then click on the desired button. Still you can add simply desired folders and files or remove them again from the program. With the software you handle accessing files, but change nothing on the hard disk.

The most important functions in folder access 2.1

• Encrypt folders and files according to your wishes
• Set a personal password
• Select different folders on a hook
• Encrypt and decrypt folders using a simple button

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