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  • Windows 3.5

FlyakiteOSX is a complete style package that makes Windows XP look like Mac OS X.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013


FlyakiteOSX is a freeware for Windows XP, your Windows desktop in the style of Mac OS X changed the entire look and the operation, i.e. the "look and feel". The tool brings new icons, window, screen savers and wallpapers on your computer. The launch moves to the top of the screen, typical for a Mac. You can give folders of other shapes and colors and shrink the open window to the dock. FlyakiteOSX also customizes the behavior of Windows, menus, and directories to Apple and conjures up so pretty effects, shades and transparencies to your desktop.

The dock bar is one of the highlights of FlyakiteOSX. In the customizable dock you're ready at any time the links to the most important programs like Web browser, mail client, or Office with FlyakiteOSX. The dock bar eliminates completely the usual start and taskbar. You can also forgo the Mac feeling and you opt only for the typical look. FlyakiteOSX offers you the possibility, only the Tiger theme alone, to install on your computer. This theme is characterized in particular by that all headers and skirting are considerably narrower.

FlyakiteOSX is currently available in version 3.5, the installation file has a size of approximately 30 megabytes. It changes hundreds of Windows system files during the installation. Because FlyakiteOSX makes strong changes in the operating system, you should set a restore point before installing anyway. The freeware automatically provides such a possibility if an error occurs during installation, or uninstall of the program. FlyakiteOSX contains no adware or spyware. All of the program files are installed in the folder 'FlyakiteOSX', you can find required registry entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\FlyakiteOSX. The developer promises that the changes by uninstallation can be fully undo.

Features of FlyakiteOSX

• "Look and feel" from Mac OS X
• Effects, shadows and transparencies
• customizable docks
• perfect security
• new icons, window, screen savers and wallpapers
• additional skin packs


FlyakiteOSX looks like Mac OS X and feels like Mac OS X and specifically the docking bar makes the work much easier. If you so want change from the drab XP-look, the freeware is just right!

Description of the version: FlyakiteOSX

If you want to try the look & feel of Apple Macintosh on your Windows PC, is the latest version of FlyakiteOSX the right solution for you. The theme displays not only the appearance of a Mac on your PC, but even more features of Macs are enabled with the new version. So the launch moves upwards, and the window as well as the logon screen behave like on a Macintosh computer.

Features of the current version 3.5 of FlyakiteOSX

• Give XP the look & feel of Apple Macintosh
• Improved implementation through the new theme
• New login screen and behaviour of the window as in the Mac

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