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The FLVPlayer4Free allows you to play Flash videos and creating screenshots.



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FLVPlayer4Free is a media player which can play the popular on the Internet, but by a few media players Flash video format (FLV). Thus, you can start such as downloaded YouTube videos on your hard drive, look at, and screenshots.

Are you one of the people who like to watch YouTube videos? And some will impress you so much that you want to like to download it and save it on your hard drive, so that you always can check, even if the provider has already deleted them from his profile? There are now many tools and programs that enable a download, but the videos in the Flash video (FLV) format are stored, which occurs frequently in Internet applications, but can be played only by certain media players. FLVPlayer4Free is a playback program that can play FLV videos from your hard drive or directly on the Internet. The latter works so that you enter the URL of the Internet video and click on "Play". The visually appealing user interface makes it easy to operate.

Free freeware program offers the most important standard functions to play and to play around with the Flash format. You can standard commands as start, fast forward, reverse, give pause, and so on, set a start time on the timeline or the video in the window or maximized over the whole screen area considered. In addition, you can create screenshots of individual frames of video and store such as for processing with an image editing program. In addition to FLV files FLVPlayer4Free can play other popular video formats: AVI, MOV, MPG, MPEG (MP3, MP4), AVI, WMV, XVID, DIVX, QT, real, etc. If you have activated the function to automatically update after the installation, and if the provider switch appropriate offers, is FLVPlayer4Free update on a regular basis via the Internet, add new functionality and eliminate error.

Description of the version: FLVPlayer4Free

You can now even more convenient and faster FLV videos from many video sharing sites with the new version of FLVPlayer4Free play. The version 4.0 is running faster and more stable because some errors and bugs of the previous versions have been removed. In addition, you can use the FLVPlayer4Free version 4.0 on the new Windows 7 and many current video formats are compatible. The program features such as film snapshots or setting options were also revised for version 4.0 and improved.

The most important innovations of FLVPlayer4Free in version 4.0:

• Also runs on the new Windows 7.
• New functions and setting options.
• Running more stable by fixing bugs and errors of the previous versions.

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