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The FLV Player is a player that will play online and offline FLV files without installation.



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FLV Player

The FLV Player plays and saves video .flv now commonly used in the Internet Flash files with the extension. You have to just download the FLV player and start it from your computer. This works without installation and can also benefit from removable media such as a USB stick can be made. Drag and drop a Flash, you can then quickly and easily insert video file or a URL with a video in the open player. Playback starts immediately. With the FLV Player, you can see also Internet and videos from Internet video portals and save even for offline use in the player, so that you always can view them even without an Internet connection from your hard disk. Of course you can open video files including Flash on your local disks and save. You can open multiple videos at the same time and see. To move multiple files or URLs in the FLV player and multiple playback window opens.

With the FLV Player you can watch videos easily in Flash video format see, as more and more frequently to find them on the Internet. You are all important and useful playback elements available. The program interface of the FLV Player is intuitive to use and all buttons and functions are clearly arranged in the main window of the program below the playing video. Many shortcuts simplify and speed up the operation. Also you can see all the important file information like size, duration, tempo, and codec of the videos, you just play, you at a glance. The zoom function gives you a better look at the videos. The infinitely variable volume control completes the user friendly offer of the FLV Player.

You can download the FLV Player. Click on the download button and download of the FLV Player will begin.

Other features of FLV Player

• Easy operation with drag and drop
• Intuitive interface
•View the Internet videos offline
• Zoom function
• All file details of the videos at a glance
• Without start installation - also from USB stick

More information about the FLV Player

The player was originally a student project developed and published for the first time in 2006. The code base was created in Adobe Flash, FLV Player supports therefore the Adobe Flash FLV and MPEG4 formats. He works on all Windows systems from Windows 2000 and can be used with all browsers.

Description of the version: FLV Player

The latest version of FLV Player 2.0.25 number now has a "video-only-mode, which hides all other FLV Player control surfaces. The volume is controlled with the arrow keys "up" and "down". The version 2.0.25 is also able to move through the videos or standard MS mode. The possibility of using the right arrow key to jump forward through the videos has been restored.

Easy viewing Flash video with the FLV Player

• New "video-only-mode, which hides all control surfaces except the video window
• Volume control via hot keys (arrow keys) possible
• New of Ms mode, to navigate through the videos
• Skip of the videos via hotkey

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