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The FlowPlayer is an advanced video player for your presence on the Internet.



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The FlowPlayer is a video player for Web pages. He greatly expands the possibilities of video playback on the Internet. The FlowPlayer is a real lightweight, fast to install and can be immediately used on your site. The FlowPlayer uses the latest streaming technology. No matter where the user resides: your video is played always by a server from its vicinity. The HDDN, the network service of the Flowplayers, ensures the availability of your content in over 90 countries.

All video formats are compatible with the flowplayer. He supports the MPG files as well as AVI, WMV, and MOV. The output format of your video plays no role. You just upload it, and the video is automatically converted to a Web-compatible format, without that you had any work. The player on your website can be adapted according to your wishes, then any. You can change the logo, change the appearance, manipulate the controls and hide parts of it.

If you you not want to employ at the beginning with the adaptation of FlowPlayer, are a slew of presets and skins to choose from and available. The visitors of your site will be immediately aware if you offer them something very special when you play videos with the flowplayer. For example you can allow your visitors to customize the language of the player to access playlists and much more. You can not just change the background color, but the color values of all control elements, thus the FlowPlayer to your website perfectly fits.

Other features of the FlowPlayer:

• RTMP streaming technology
• Full-screen mode
• Automatic bandwidth detection
• Video sharing
• Analysis tools
• Time display

Who is behind the FlowPlayer

The development of the FlowPlayer dates back to 2005. The eponymous Ltd., Finland has its headquarters in Helsinki,. The company is managed only by a team of two persons. You aim no less, to provide as the best video player for the Web. Began the development of FlowPlayer, because they were dissatisfied with all the solutions available on the market at that time. The program was available only on a few relevant download pages at the beginning, but rapidly evolved in the aftermath and became more popular among the users. Today, the FlowPlayer is a professional software with worldwide distribution.

Description of the version: Flowplayer

The new version of FlowPlayer comes with a completely new concept. It allows you to integrate your completely own video player on your Web page and about to play the videos from your hard drive on the Internet. The operation of both for you as the creator and the user is very simple, and an absolute highlight is the slow motion function, with which you can play any video in slow motion.

Features of the current version 3.25 of the FlowPlayer

• new interface for creators and users
• Play back videos on the Web in slow motion
• Access to social networks
• Analysis by Google Analytics
• Detection of available bandwidth and adjust the playback

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