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The flipbook printer provides you an easy way to make your own flip books.



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Flipbook Printer

The flipbook printer is the ideal program to make your own flipbook. Multiple images on small paper cards, which are strung together and wound up quickly with the thumb imitating a video sequence are a flip-book. For this, you can use any video material as a template. The flipbook printer created a series of images that you can then put together to create the flipbook you thereof. For creating flipbook printer offers a simple wizard that creates your Flipbook easily in a few steps. First of all you can in one dialog box from various options to choose from, be designed such as the image size or looks like the screen ratio. Then the wizard of flipbook printer gives before the rest of the steps up to your own flipbook.

First of all you should fill your printer with the appropriate paper. Most so-called business cards that you can buy in any photo quality is suitable for this. Then you prepare your video file on breaking into their frames. Download the video in the flipbook printer, and then choose where your thumb cinema start and where it should end. You will need paper either more or less depending on the length of the selected sequence. Depending on how many images created the flipbook printer from your video, you can then determine how many cards you need. The flipbook printer also includes a preview, in which you advance can look at your own flipbook with all frames. Finally, you can label the front and back, for example, with a title for your flip book history. All settings are entered, you can print your cards finally and put together using a Tacker.

You can download here the flipbook printer free with us. You can by clicking on the download button to start downloading.

The main features of flipbook printer:

• Wealth of loading your printer with printable cards.
• Loading a video file into the program.
• Choose Start and end of the video sequence.
• Decide on image size and aspect ratio.
• Consider your result in the preview.
• Bedrucke the cards and put them together.

The development history of the flipbook printer:

The small and simple software flipbook printer has been programmed by the developers at and is financed by private donations. The idea behind the program was to provide an easy way to create for children of flip books. The software flipbook printer has no special version and is up to date.

Description of the version: Flipbook Printer

The current version of flipbook printer can be used with some useful and functional innovations. The software now boasts an improved user interface and generates the flip books according to your setting faster and in better quality. You can now also separately set the number of desired pages and also write an own cover text, as well as an introduction to the history of the original video.

The most important innovations in the current version of flipbook printer:

• improved user interface for more transparency and clarity
• Number of page numbers for Flipbook is adjustable
• Cover text can be entered
• Frame and style implementation of the pressure on the cards vordefinierbar

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