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The FlightGear open source program is the Flight Simulator of the Web2. 0-generation.



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FlightGear is revolutionary. Even if the list of the included scenarios and aircraft is not overwhelming (yet), this Flight Simulator has something that no other Flight Simulator in the world can boast: the developer and designer of FlightGear are distributed all over the world, joined together in an open source community. As is already the case with Web browsers or CMS systems, Web 2.0 finds its way in the world as well. Also here are broken by the developers at the same time a large number of users, the near monopoly of a large software company, in a global network together improve the program. Because even though the games industry achieved great sales, and invested millions in the development of a simulation are - not even the largest software company approaching the potential of a network like FlightGear combines the passion of aircraft fans from around the world.

If you are downloading FlightGear today, you get a taste of what could come. Of course, you can fly around the entire globe in FlightGear. Already, there are cards for example from the island of Heligoland, which voluntarily detail were designed by a single user. Some other detailed regions are to FlightGear, and many others are in progress. If you look at the development, available as the online world maps with satellite images which replace more and more now, because every Web user can work on them, then you can imagine, potential behind FlightGear.

Another interesting feature of FlightGear is realistic astronomy. While some flight simulators paint at night although tacky oversized pictures of the Moon in the sky, but forget that it is never light in the polar night, for example, the celestial bodies to FlightGear behave incredibly realistic. Even the phases of the Moon and constellations are accurate.

The most interesting features of FlightGear

• A huge community of enthusiasts has developed this program for you
• Realistic flight model, developed in collaboration with NASA
• Complete world map befliegbar
• Realistic representation of celestial bodies
Number of detailed maps of growing • available
• The code is freely available - you can help!

FlightGear - open source arrives at the flight simulators

The crew behind it is partially made of enthusiasts who in her spare time, model landscapes or write source code. There are also specialists from NASA, such as Bruce Jackson, who has provided the flight model. After years of work, version of FlightGear 1.0.0 was released on December 17, 2007.

Description of the version: Flightgear

FlightGear 2.0.0 is the evolution of the open source Flight Simulator. In the new version is an even better auto pilot available. You can use also significantly more aircraft models and significantly improved the graphics. Also, motion graphic elements such as cars, trucks, and trains added in addition to better weather properties. FlightGear can be downloaded free of charge. You can use it on the major operating systems.

The most important changes to FlightGear 2.0.0

• More playable plane models
• Enhanced graphics
• Mobile ground objects
• Collisions with graphic objects possible
• Better weather calculations, such as winds and air currents
• Improved flight physics and autopilot

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