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  • Windows 8.4

The flexible renamer renames multiple files of various formats at your fingertips.



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  • Updated: 26.10.2013

Flexible Renamer

The flexible renamer is easy to use: click on the green "Plus Button" and choose how the flexible renamer to rename your file, so you can take such as characters or letters by simple clicking the file name. If you also want to tweak your overview, you can also enumerate the respective files through the flexible renamer – this sure saves you time and hassle, if you're looking for again once similarly named files such as your last holiday pictures or videos.

The flexible renamer also allows you to change the properties of a folder or a file. In addition, if desired, do also undo your changes by clicking with the left mouse button on the "undo"button with the flexible Renamer. And how many times you happened probably already, that you had to use the "back" button of your browser or other programs to make the last step Yes rückgägnig? With the flexible renamer you have also the opportunity. Edit flexible renamer not only images, but also Word documents and music formats with the.

Download the flexible renamer for free directly from the homepage down if you want, you may have a small donation to the creators of the "donation" button.

More flexible renamer features:

• Languages
• Unlimited file renaming
• Correction
• Wild card use
• Troubleshooting
• File filtering

The flexible renamer history

The flexible renamer Naru technology was developed by the Korean company and is currently running in the v8 version. 2. Founded in 1999, Naru software developed a year later and has since then steadily updated the program and improved. The flexible renamer saves a lot of time, by just a variety at once - filtered by criteria - easily and quickly can be renamed files the user. Naru turns by specific language adaptation of German and Japanese to an international customer base and is committed to the task, to make life easier for the consumers with simple software systems and applications. So the business-Kim Suk management credo CHAN: "Think flexible and do it"! Naru technology attaches great importance on research and development, which is reflected in the adaptability of the company in today's information age.

Description of the version: Flexible Renamer

The latest release of flexible renamer offers new features, improvements and fixes some known issues. New features are support for the Windows 7 taskbar support for Unicode character sets in conjunction with wildcards and function extensions when renaming and changes of tags via script. There are improvements on reboot after an unusual program termination. Such a program abort happened during a renaming operation, so this process will continue automatically after the cancellation of the program.

Features of the new feature in 8.3 by flexible renamer

• Support the Windows 7 taskbar
• Support for Unicode character sets in conjunction with wildcards
• Function extensions when renaming and changes of tags via script

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