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FlashSFV is a small program to open and create SFV and MD5 files.



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FlashSFV is a small program, with which you can create so-called SFV and MD5 files. These are useful as a package to verify the defect with the checksum for large downloads.

FlashSFV is a software to open and create SFV - and MD5 files. These are used to transfer large files via download. If you have such a file, you can check whether download caused error based on the checksum. You can summarize large downloads in multiple parts to a package and check after the transfer, if the file has arrived correctly. For this purpose you're comparing the so-called checksum with FlashSFV before and after the download.

The files can be opened again after downloading the software, if the checksum matches. The operation of the program is quite simple. The language of the software is in English, but also as a beginner, you are using the program without any problems. The most common Windows operating systems are supported by FlashSFV, therefore it runs on many different computers. The file size is less than one megabyte, therefore it takes up much space on your hard disk. The program was developed as freeware and is therefore available to everyone free of charge.

FlashSFV is designed with the idea to transmit larger download packages correctly. For this purpose, the file types are supported SFV and MD5 that track down possible sources of error based on the checksum. You do not need to install the program, so you can save it on any USB flash drive and transport to each computer. The tool is worthwhile especially for users working with checksum files and provide large downloads, for example, on their website.

Description of the version: FlashSFV

In addition, the CRC32 file format is supported in the latest version of FlashSFV. As well as with SFV or MD5 files is a checksum made that can examine larger downloads on error. With the program, you simply open files, which are grouped into an SFV file. Via the button "Check" you're checking the received file errors after a download. The software recognizes automatically all file formats associated with it. You can see the software also how big is the file that you created.

The most important functions in FlashSFV 2.6

• Open and create files in addition CRC32
• Check for large downloads with the checksum files for errors
• Automatically open any related file formats
• Check the file size of your created files

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