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Flash Games

You like playing flash games, but on the respective Internet pages you will find your way you getting worse? Download equal to 700 popular Flash games onto your hard disk and manage them from immediately.

There are many sites where you can play Flash games on the Internet. But the problem with that you know certainly itself: hardly you found a game that you like, the site operators reorder their database, and the beloved game is nowhere to be found. Then you have no Flatrate for the Internet and want to muck around the online times not playing is perhaps more. Here you can download at once games therefore equal to 700 Flash onto your hard disk. Make yourself your own offline Games page. You alone are responsible for the removing and adding more games. You can find so each of your favorite games again immediately.

Flash Games offers you also a statistics, where you can see what games you play most frequently. Let always foremost show for example your top ten friends, so you won't need to search. The categorization of the games does not match your experience? Then, simply sort the games and create your own categories. Each game has an own highscore list, on which you can watch your progress. Word of advice: When you're standing alone in the list, the date instead of your name enter, then it remains exciting. So you can watch how long a record resides.

To be able to play the Flash games you need the Flash Player just like in online games, the Macromedia. You can download it for free. So now is nothing in the way, if you in between the time want to sell you small games. You got through all 700 games, you can add new.

Description of the version: Flash Games

With the Flash Games 1.01 can you download you now the classics of the online gaming sites onto your hard disk. With each update, you can find new games as for example kill Kenny, the game for the series South Park. The games can be easier to sort with the program and overlook. Style in a just held you will find the games with a screenshot in a list. Through a customizable categorization, you sort the games according to your own tastes. The current version runs on Windows 98 to Windows XP.

The latest games in Flash Games 1.01

• Kill Kenny, the game series South Park
• UFO, prevent the takeover of the Earth
• Don't get killed, the name is program
• Obsolete, funny thing collection

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