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In fish Tycoon 1.0.1, you can grow your own fish world and see their lives in real time.



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Fish Tycoon

Fish Tycoon 1.0.1 is just as entertaining. Growing your own world of fish, which lives on in real time, even if you're not playing the game. It will happen you as you would have a real aquarium, where day and night what is going on. Only, that you can set the tone Tycoon 1.0.1 with fish. You can ensure that the correct fish having babies together, and directly realize your fish if they are dissatisfied, and can help them. But beware, that in your aquarium not all haywire is, if you're not there. Since it's especially great that you fish Tycoon 1.0.1 as screen saver can settle down. So can you keep a keen eye on your fish families.

At the beginning of fish Tycoon 1.0.1, you'll a couple spawn and have a bit of money. With this basis, you can get you more and more fish and try to breed wild mixtures of them. Skill is needed here, but it is by no means any fish with each. But you will manage with a long trial and error at some point to draw your absolute favorite fish for fish Tycoon 1.0.1. But young can get only satisfied fish. That's why you need to build a home them, where they can feel comfortable. You can use them to explore the Aquarium beautiful plants and rocks and caves to hide. Also need to you find out what you like to eat your fish and to be careful that they are not sick. In the course of the game you will learn more and more about the living conditions because you can buy friends in the Zoo business books and accessories. Because that of course costs money, you don't have to sell again bred fish. The successful growing, the richer you can become Tycoon 1.0.1 with fish.

And the craziest of fish Tycoon 1.0.1: if it has a particularly good fish breeder, you will rediscover eventually extinct species. Task of fish Tycoon 1.0.1 is finding the so-called seven magic fish of Isola, were completely destroyed by a natural disaster. Here it takes much skill and product sensitivity, to bring these unique species back in life.

The possibilities of fish Tycoon 1.0.1 at a glance:

• Build your own Aquarium
• Grow unusual varieties of fish
• Earn money by selling the new fish
• Learn more and more about the living conditions of the various fish species
• Look, what did the fish while you were gone
• Find the seven magic fish of Isola

Development of fish Tycoon 1.0.1

Fish Tycoon 1.0.1 is a continuation of Zoo Tycoon. While you at Zoo Tycoon could build a very own zoo with various animals, goes there for fish Tycoon 1.0.1, as the name implies, only to fish. The biggest development in comparison to Zoo Tycoon is that the fish live in real time.

Description of the version: Fish Tycoon

If you're a lover of fish and aquariums, Fish Tycoon in the current version is just the right game for you. But also everyone else comes in this new and improved version at his own expense. Your task is to monitor the life in an aquarium, to cross species, and to create entirely new and unique exotic fish. You need to buy needed items so much from your breeding successes and sales depends on.

Features of the current version 1.0.1 of fish Tycoon

• Monitor the life in an aquarium
• Buy food, books and medicines
• Breed new species of fish and sell them profitably
• Real-time simulation

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