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The firmware iPhone 2 G free offers you a number of new and very useful features.



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Firmware iPhone 2G

If you've used so far still no update for your iPhone 2 G, you should do it now. IPhone 2 G version 3.1.2 firmware provides you with current bugfixes and new possibilities for mobile surfing on the net. Also the new cut, copy & paste function for text and images will surely convince you.

With the new update for your iPhone 2 G, you will get many advanced options. The new firmware version 3.1.2 iPhone 2 G allows for example the wireless stereo audio via a Bluetooth connection. In addition, you get an automatic Wi-Fi login for your iPhone 2 G. The ability to use your iPhone as a modem for a wireless Internet connection is integrated in the firmware iPhone 2 G. Pair your iPhone simply either via Bluetooth or the USB connection with your computer. Depending on which technology is supported, you can be on the go mobile Internet using HSDPA or Wi-Fi now. The choices were also greatly improved. You can with the iPhone 2 G firmware now show you your keyboard in landscape mode.

The "Shake to Shuffle" feature is particularly interesting for music lovers. A random music output is started by simply shaking of your 2 G. Also the MMS communication has been improved significantly in iPhone 2 G 3.1.2 firmware. The exchange of photos or videos is carried out simply and quickly. Bugs that still showed the previous versions have been fixed. So there are no errors in the video stream and also the sporadic freezing thing of the past. Over the slopes on your cellular connection to the new start, which has occasionally affected the function of the iPhone 2 G, was also eliminated in the new version of the firmware of the iPhone 2 G. The new firmware iPhone 2 G available you free of charge. The download file size is 240.8 MByte. Because the firmware iPhone 2 G in the German language is made available, the download is easy and comfortable. The file is zipped. You must therefore have an appropriate unpacking program so that you can follow the installation instructions that will show you then.

Description of the version: Firmware iPhone 2G

The firmware iPhone 2 G 3.1.2 version offers numerous new functions for your iPhone 2 G. Especially interesting is that you can use your iPhone with the firmware iPhone 2 G now as a modem. This function is named "Thethering". Via USB or Bluetooth, you can connect your iPhone with your computer and can mobile surf using HSDPA or Wi-Fi. The occasional date occurring crashes when streaming video were removed as well as freezing in the idle state or hang up the connection, which now no longer should appear according to the manufacturer.

New features in the firmware iPhone 2 G

• iPhone 2 G now as a modem can be used
• No crashes when streaming video through new bugfix
• In idle mode no freeze
• No hanging up the phone's cellular connection

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