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The file transfer protocol for Firefox "fireFTP" facilitates uploads and downloads from the Internet.



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The file transfer protocol "fireFTP" as freeware available Add-On for downloading as a FTP client for Mozilla Firefox. If you want to organize your downloads or uploads via Firefox, this extension is necessary.

From the home of the Mozilla Foundation have a stand-alone FTP client FileZilla quite long. Now you can download "fireFTP" as freeware add-on for Mozilla Firefox. Thus the program FileZilla is unnecessary, and you can manage your uploads and downloads directly from the browser. The FTP client "fireFTP" for Firefox takes over the tasks, for example, when Microsoft Internet Explorer is an integrated FTP client. Firefox was previously miss this part. So, the "fireFTP" represents the missing link in the Mozilla Firefox browser. Mozilla Developer Mime Cuvalo has closed the gap and programmed the FTP client "fireFTP", is now available as easily Integratable Add-On freeware available. The FTP client supports not only uploads such as for example, updates for your own homepage, but can manage the Organization and resume of broken downloads. Thus you can do problem-free any data transfer in the and realize from the Internet.

Its simple interface allows you, intuitive to use the "fireFTP". Its simple construction and the design of controls as well as a full German user guide help you work up and quickly understand the application of the FTP client.

If you download the 319.7 KByte large extension file, you can open it in Firefox as XPI (open in new tab - file) and install on your computer. The FTP client "fireFTP" for Firefox runs on various current operating system such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux and Mac OS.

Description of the version: fireFTP

The version 1.99.3 of file transfer protocols for Firefox "fireFTP" replaces the hitherto missing link in the Mozilla Firefox browser environment. Using the FTP client you can transfer problem-free files from the Internet to your computer and vice versa. Upload from your local network environment on the World Wide Web is thanks to the clear, intuitive-to-use user interface very easy. With 319.7 KByte file size the current version of the "fireFTP" as freeware for free download is available.

Successful file transfer with "fireFTP"

• FTP client extension for working with the Firefox browser
• Upload Manager
• Download Manager
• Clear user interface
• Intuitive control panel
• Free freeware of the Mozilla Foundation

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