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Mozilla Firefox offers highest security standard for surfing the net.



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The Mozilla Firefox browser is a fast and powerful browser.

Mozilla Firefox is much more responsive than the previous versions. You can download the Web browser directly and easily here. If you enable the auto-update feature, Mozilla Firefox provides you automatically always with the latest software for this browser. Mozilla Firefox is now available in over 70 languages. The function of "Personas", you can determine the appearance of your Web browser itself. In addition, Mozilla Firefox protects you from outdated plug-in the. If you want to see open videos, you can now also in full-screen mode and preview images also supports Mozilla Firefox. The Java Scriptgeschwindigkeit has been improved greatly.

The smart location bar in the Firefox browser allows you to find pages within seconds. By entering specific keywords, you can program your bookmarks better. Long waiting times for the page layout definitely belong to the past. With the "Private sphere" mode, you can remove your tracks on the Internet. Sometimes you want to stay just unrecognized. Mozilla Firefox offers you exactly this opportunity. Of course, here also a phishing and malware protection is set up so that you're using this browser always on the safe side. A spying of your data is therefore hardly possible. Of course, Mozilla Firefox checks the security of a connection before he allows Add-ons. Also a personal password manager belongs to the scope of the program. You can easily save your log-in data for various applications by Mozilla. A revisiting of the page your browser logs on automatically you.

Mozilla Firefox allows simultaneous browsing through multiple pages with equal multiple tabs open. Before you leave the Internet, you can save these tabs and when the next time you open of the browser, they are again made in the same form. It sometimes happens that the Internet connection is interrupted. Mozilla Firefox will automatically restore the last session, if you want to.

The new features of Mozilla Firefox:

• Protection against outdated plug-in the
• Videos in full-screen mode
• Restore the last session
• Save the last session
• Password Manager
• Personas feature

System requirements and speed

The speed of Mozilla Firefox has measured himself previous versions multiplied. The required disk space in the main memory is extremely low. Firefox is applicable on all Windows operating systems from the Windows 2000 version. It requires 64 MB of RAM and 52 MB of free hard disk space.

Description of the version: Firefox

With the new Firefox 7, users are traveling faster than ever on the Internet. New tools for programming the faster Web pages available to developers. The current Firefox uses its capacities more efficiently, allowing for a faster browsing experience. Not only Web pages load faster. Through the improved performance many tabs can be at the same time open without any problems, while one remains in a browser session hours or even days.

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