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  • Windows 8.00 | 6.15

FinePrint complements the print menu in Windows applications by it installs additional features.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 28.10.2013


FinePrint is a convenient add-on for the print menu in Windows. With this software, you can edit print jobs and save, print double-sided, or combine print jobs. You can create also an own stationery with this program.

FinePrint is automatically installed in all Windows programs, so you can use the software to all of your print jobs. If you have downloaded FinePrint on your computer, the new entry "Fine Print Driver" appears in the print menu of all applications. If you click on "Properties" and "Advanced", you can adjust your expression. You can set the two-sided printing, with which you can print entire books, brochures or magazines, you can delete pages of your file or insert additional blank page, and you can combine multiple files from different applications into an expression.

If you print much and want to do a test print first, you can accommodate two, four, six or eight pages on a page. FinePrint automatically shrinks the pages so that you can see you, how the print will look later. Then, you can make changes before you print out everything in original size. As a result, you can save lots of money on paper and the environment will thank you. You can save your print jobs for later editing, file formats are available for this TXT, TIF, BMP, EMF and JPG.

With the stationery feature, you can create a your own stationery you with header and footer, if you want, you can integrate even a watermark. Also designed electronic forms, you can create friends and use FinePrint to print out. For the final inspection before each expression's a preview available.

Description of the version: FinePrint

The current version has improvements in almost all areas of the program. But particularly the preview has to offer some new features. It has become bigger, because the Layout tab can be hidden and in the preview window, you can mark text now also order him to edit, delete, or copy. In the new dialog you can see your last print file and a small preview appears by selecting a job. You can now edit graphics by right clicking with the mouse.

The most important innovations of the FinePrint version 6.15

• Optimized user interface
• Larger preview
• Text editing in the preview window
• Display the last print jobs in the dialog file
• Simple editing of graphics
• Printer list individually adjustable

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