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Final 2010 is a professional music notation program for musicians and music teachers.



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Final 2010 is an evolution of the final software. With this notation program that is also suitable for the professional music lessons, you can create your own scores, provide them with notes and print, so that they can be played manually with various instruments. You can of course with Finale 2010 play the music directly from the program and yet any edit. The new version of finale 2010 supports now JPG and PNG in addition to previous GIF and BMP graphic formats. The program is a very powerful music notation program by the various innovations. In addition to the well-known version of the Windows operating systems, now MAC users can get a demo version from the manufacturer.

Final 2010 has some significant improvements for the user. So, the input has been simplified complete percussion notes. By using the function "Landmark" you can paste 2010 landmark in finals at any point of the score. They appear this program in the correct sequence automatically. The more than 300 integrated music work sheets are another very valuable tool in finale 2010. They are ideal for teaching music and can be sent via E-mail. The free finale reader is required program to read out the data sheets. VST/AU instruments and effects are supported regardless of the manufacturer. Final 2010 is supported by the integrated SmartScore Lite and recognizes scanned sheet music. New chord functions and the more than 350 different instrument sounds round finale 2010.

To find out whether final 2010 complies with your ideas, you can download a free trial version from the Internet. This version is valid for 30 days, then the full version must be purchased. If you want to try finale 2010 now, click on the download button and follow the installation instructions on your screen.

New features in finale 2010

• Improved by inclusion of JPG and PNG graphics support
• Over 300 integrated musical worksheets
• SmartScore Lite to recognize scanned sheet music
• New chord functions
• Manufacturer-independent support for VST/AU instruments and effects
• integrated 350 different instrument sounds

System requirements

Final 2010 is a program that is very well suited to teaching music. It is designed for operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 test versions for the MAC will be provided by the manufacturer.

Description of the version: Finale

The finale music notation software is a powerful software program for the digital music notation in its new version. The new final offers including a simplified input of percussion notes and landmark, as well as making musical worksheets compared to its predecessors. With these new features finals can optimally support you in your musical work. Finale is the worldwide standard for all questions of engraving.

The most important new features in finale 2010

• Note deletion without simultaneous removal of chord symbols
• 350 Instrument sounds from the Garritan personal Orchestra sound library
• Advanced graphics support
• Handwritten character Broadway copyist for an appealing font image
• Full support of VST/AU instruments
• Enhanced scanning pages

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