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Final draft 8 offers you many new features to create and revise your scripts.



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Final Draft

Final draft 8 has all the features that is simplified already writing his predecessors, but the latest version offers some additional features of the screenplay software. As in the previous versions you can register online with final draft 8 immediately after installation with your customer number. You will receive the account with the email confirmation of your order. It guarantees that you can fully use all the features of final draft 8. You can get started right after registration. Click on the start icon and it will open the first blank page of script.

Now you can choose among a large number of templates for different types of series or feature films. Scene titles, character names, transitions and dialogs are called final draft 8 'elements'. Click on the menu "Format" and then "Element". Then, it displays the elements list. Here you can select the different elements and customize. They are applied to the entire script in final draft 8.

You may have with the tab function clearly show scenes in final draft 8. So you will never lose the overview. The final draft 8 new version offers you double-sided cards. On the one hand, you've got the scene, on the other a summary. You can add notes, acting notes, information on the location, etc. directly in the tab. The maps give different colours to arrange them clearer. Direct download of final draft 8 click the button, the download will begin automatically.

Other new features in final draft 8:

With the scene Navigator you can display all the important scenes in a range you •
• Send copies of your index card directly to your script
• With scene view you can summarize your scenes, and an overview map
• Text highligting certain: passages more easily select and highlight
• With the page count can managers check what fits on a page
• XML format: The new format is compatible with many applications

The dream of the screenplay to final draft 8 - the background story

in 1986, the final went draft Founder Marc Madnick to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter. Instead of using his ideas he dealt mainly with the annoying formatting of the Hollywood standard. This brought him the idea to develop a software that automatically accepts all this. Final draft was born. Now he needed to persuade only the great in the movie business this program that will save them a lot of time and money. Five years and a compelling marketing later final draft is the industry standard of script programs. Also with the latest version, final draft 8, and after twenty years of experience the company continues. In addition to final draft 8, there are now final draft AV, the first software for writing documentation.

Description of the version: Final Draft

The new version of final draft has to offer some new features. This includes a new scene Navigator, clearly you representing all details of a scene in a separate window. You can assign a different color to each scene, and thus even more differentiate them from the other. In the scenes view, you can arrange scenes according to your wishes, or insert new. With the new maker function you lift easily out places in the text.

Other new features of final draft at a glance

• Send the summaries of index cards directly in the script.
• Appears you, if your text is outside of the printable area.
• Improved ability to combine two versions of scripts.

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