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FileZilla, a free FTP client that offers many comfort functions.



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FileZilla is a great FTP client with all necessary comfort functions.

The FTP program FileZilla version is irreplaceable for those who want to manage Web pages or transfer files to an FTP server for other reasons. Comfort functions, make the program such as the seamless continuation of the downloads at demolition or dealing with firewalls to a powerful partner.

FileZilla displays files and folders in a clear tree structure so that you capture all actions with a view. In the left pane of the screen, you can see your local folder structure, the selected server contents appear in the right pane. A third window at the bottom represents you to the data transfer and its history. The operation of the program is straightforward: the FTP server can be set up with just a few clicks and inputs. Multiple FTP servers are not a problem and can be well managed. You transfer files or entire folders by simple drag -and-drop on the server or on a storage device or the home PC.

A further feature: the time-out detection. Should abort the connection due to a time-out, FileZilla is the down or upload their own back on as soon as a connection is available. To highlight other features such as, for example a SSH, SSL, and SFTP support, a keep-alive-system and customizable commands. A proxy and firewall support is also one of the features of the software.

Thanks to the multilingual issue each user works easily with FileZilla version The especially simple handling makes it easy for novices in this area to cope with the FTP management. To work with the program, you it is not mandatory to install on a PC, you can do it also as "portable" use and start from a USB stick. In addition, FileZilla is one of the so-called open-source products.

Description of the version: FileZilla

The FileZilla version 3.4.0 supports in addition to the Windows interface now also other operating systems such as Mac OS X, Linux or BSD. By a complete new establishment of the software, a few features of the old version could not be applied. An implementation should follow in the next versions. As the most important new features are the resumption after a time-out of up - and downloads, the keep-alive system, custom commands, the SSH - highlight SSL and SFTP support and firewall - SFTP-support.

The most important innovations of the FileZilla client in version 3.4.0

• Automatic resumption of down - and upload
• Automatic timeout detection
• User-defined commands
• Keep alive system
• Firewall and proxy support
• SSH, SSL and SFTP support

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