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FileRestorePlus lets you recover data that you've accidentally deleted.



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  • Updated: 24.05.2011


Sure you onto your hard disk also already even accidentally deleted files and you excessively annoyed? With FileRestorePlus you can recover quickly and easily these files - with just one mouse click.

With the software FileRestorePlus, you don't have worry about that accidentally deleted files are lost forever. The free program is easy to use and can recover data from local hard drives, removable storage devices, or network drives. You must select only the appropriate drive and then start the scan, select the files to be restored. The file format does not matter and the software is compatible with the current Windows file systems. FileRestorePlus is suitable for the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The shareware has a download size of 3.7 megabytes.

FileRestorePlus offers a search filter as a very practical feature, which can positively impact especially when a comprehensive hard disk. You can restrict so for example your search to a specific type of file and find the file that you have deleted faster. The shareware is available currently only in English, but that should pose no problem for intuitive operation for English layman.

Is important for a successful recovery as with other programs, that you wrote not too much data on the appropriate medium in the meantime, otherwise it may cause problems in restoring circumstances. So you should choose, if you are newly downloading FileRestorePlus, another drive as storage space for example than that on which you've accidentally deleted the file.

Description of the version: FileRestorePlus

The file recovery shareware offers you the possibility of restoring accidentally deleted files quickly and easily. Where a helpful search filters available with you not haphazardly after the desired files to look, but specifically can proceed is friends with this latest version. Especially when a large amount of data, you will be grateful for this feature. The software that easily protects you from the data meltdown, supports all major file formats and is compatible with all Windows file systems.

Key features of the current version

• Data recovery with just a mouse click
• Search filter for a targeted and quick file search
• All common data formats are supported
• With all Windows file systems compatible

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