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FILEMinimizer Pictures optimized photos for sending mail or for uploading to the Internet.



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FILEminimizer Pictures

FILEminimizer Pictures is a free program to shrink the size of photos from a few megabytes to a few kilobytes. So, you save not only space on the hard disk, but can upload your photos easily on Facebook or StudiVZ.

FILEminimizer Pictures is an easy to use program to your photos to compress up to 98 percent. Other tools can, even Microsoft Paint, for example, brings this function, but the result is usually more than bad. The quality stays the same for FILEminimizer Pictures. Verpixelte images thing of the past. You can set beforehand how much your photos are compressed. Either one of the three presets select adjust compression or you. You can thereby between pressure compression, standard compression and Web/email select compression. So, even beginners can easily bring their photos to the desired size.

To bring your photos to a usable size, simply select the photos that you want to compress, and specify the location. Click the optimize button, the program will start the process and some time later you've shrunk your photos to the desired size. It is only important that exists for the photos as JPEG, GIF, TIF, PNG, BMP or EMF format. Since most digital cameras store photos as JPEG, so this is not a problem. After the compression the photos not even extra zipped, but are ready for re-use. Your photos you can without any problems on MySpace, Facebook, StudiVZ now upload or send via email. Also if you want to drop the photos on your hard drive or your USB stick, a lot space saves you FILEminimizer Pictures.

Description of the version: FILEminimizer Pictures

Manufacturer balesio has bought an optimized compression technology the latest version of FILEminimizer Pictures. Thus, a stronger compression at constant quality is possible. Particularly useful is the possibility of compressed images directly from the program out on your Facebook account upload. This saves you a lot of time under certain circumstances. In addition to these two innovations, FILEminimizer Pictures 3.0 is free as opposed to the previous versions now.

Key new features of FILEminimizer pictures 3.0

• Optimized compression technology - compressed images by up to 98%
• Direct upload possible in your Facebook account
• From version 3.0 is free FILEminimizer Pictures

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